Experimental Sound Performance, Virtual Reality  iOS Application, Google Cardboard, 2018

image credit: Knockdown Center

onononononono is a simple shooting game that is used as a mechanism to instrumentalize the performativity of a virtual reality mobile game player and the sounds of “YES” and “NO” in multiple languages as feedback. The choreography focuses on the natural flow of playing a virtual reality game with Google Cardboard. The sound “NO” is triggered by a player walking on water, which also produces a head per step. The sound of “YES” is triggered by clicking the pointer cursor on a head which causes an explosion. To achieve minimal intelligibility and comprehensibility of the sounds, English is omitted as one of the feedback languages. The piece explores cultural codes and signs that are being projected by players’ gestures, and applies the structure of the players’ performativity to sound composition.  

onononononono has featured at Knockdown Center, Sunday Service program.

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