Project Schema

Documenting a solitude of a participant emerged in cyberdreamy environment interacting with a sensor with their cell-phone. The interaction executes arrays of computer automated commands in an order. First, a software searches for Twitter live feeds #SELF and takes a photo of a participant with the #SELF search result prejected on the screen. The photo, then is automatically posted on the artist’s public Facebook album.


“Communication in cyberspace is regress of time. Unlike real life face-to-face conversation, social media archives a thread of conversation happening at different times of the past onto one single page. Contents are broken within a context of time and space as it occurs like that of a pop-up window. The recorded history is an abstraction of the participants’ memory of themselves. The Self fluctuates into something other than the memory of what they were before.”

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Facebook Album [Day 1]
Facebook Album [Day 2]

[Live Streaming] : page expired https://new.livestream.com/accounts/6227660/iamsointome
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