[Exhibition] A Room Behind A Room: Recent Trends in Video Art


A Room Behind A Room: Recent Trends in Video Art

February 12 through March 19, 2017
Opening reception: February 12, 2017, 6-8pm

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A Room Behind A Room: Recent Trends In Video Art
Sarah Lasley, Alona Weiss, Ingrid Zhuang, Jung Hee Mun
Curated by Lenore Malen

Opening Reception: Sunday, February 12, 6­-8pm
Panel Discussion: Making Art in a Time of Political Anxiety, Saturday, February 25, 2:30pm
A Room Behind A Room: these windowless spaces or theaters which have for a century been portals to an expansive real world beyond or behind the room.  But now such portals lead us elsewhere. The ease in making motion graphics and visual effects allows many artists to move into realms of total fantasy circumventing the camera as a recording device, mixing animation with documentary footage. Even glossy images from mainstream media can be refit to poke holes at the stable and conventional images of the characters they seem to portray.

The four film and video artists in this exhibition all explore the ways our sense of sight — and our bodies — have served in this new media environment.