Cloud Stayed Still

Cloud Stayed Still Series

Cloud Stayed Still # (Cloud Stayed Still series),  3D Rendering, Inkjet Archival Print, 2017, 24 x 36"

3D Rendered Clouds

3D Powder Print, 2017,  3x3x3”

An ontological study of clouds through digitized images and fabricated forms referencing from a collection of sky images from the Internet. Various production techniques are used to index semiotic interpretations of the clouds into digitized representations. By using height mapping technology, 2D images turn into 3D objects . The first still image, A01, is from a video recording bomb explosion on Syria controlled by a remotely piloted aircraft, a drone, sourced from the U.S Central Command (CENTCOM). The second image, A02, is the clouds rendered in Cinema 4D which purposely exaggerated hyper-realistic representation than seeing through human eyes. The last image, A03, is from iPhone through the window of a commercial airplane over the sea traveling from Korea to the America. These two-dimensional images are rendered into the three-dimensional shapes and being exhibited together. The word “clouds” multiplies and repeats its visual representations. These simulated clouds have different meanings across, time, space and culture.