Becoming Otherwise

Sunday Service: Julia Santoli Presents…

Kaia Gilje
Jung Hee Mun
Kathy Halfin + Jean Carla Rodea
Raki Malhotra
Sarah Valdez

Sunday, October 7th
at Knockdown Center’s bar, The Ready Room

* Becoming Otherwise *


PIE root al “beyond” suffix ter “other” intransitive sense “ to become otherwise”


Sta- “to stand, make or be firm”

Julia Santoli’s Sunday Service, entitled Becoming Otherwise, explores unfixed territories and altered states featuring five artists whose work enacts and conjures transformative spaces of energetic exchange through inner/outer intentions, sculptural relations, and virtual play. Over the course of the evening, the artists will employ tools and tactics that rove through movement, task-based performance, sculpture, sound, and VR.