History must be reiterated again and again for its perennial transformation to the present.

TA with Peter Dudek @SVA

the Absolute

there is no Absolute, then there is no crippled.

— jung hee mun

 if animal loving is crippled humanitarian experience counter-reaction to learn empathy away from virtual interaction, then there is absolute. When there is no absolute, there is nothing to argue about. Subjectivity composes the first layer of the ontology of absolute truth.



A message-to-self is interpreted as an event if the instance is a reactive class. If the instance is a nonreactive class, a message-to-self is interpreted as a primitive operation.

A message-to-self is shown by an arrow that bends back to the sending instance. The arrow can be on either side of the instance line. If the message-to-self is a primitive operation, the arrow folds back immediately. If the message-to-self is an event, the arrow might fold back sometime later.


-Rational Rhapsody

Dayjob chit-chat

Why still in this virtually opened and active world we don’t hear about things that are immediately informative to reality? Those information perhaps still keep in an underground for everyone’s goods. Living in a human world…capitalism is the most fare under my education the fairest social system of our life time – distribution of profit by fare competition and skill. Ah… I probably don’t know much about it still. 

I currently work for a company under 20 employees. Last year they let 5 people go at the same time without prior notice. One who still works there about an year now said, ” I probably didn’t get fired because I have never asked for raise.” It has been a pattern for the company not keeping employees for a long period of time. When it is about to raise an hourly salary, your head will get chop off. Human resource is abundant in New York that is highly skilled. What you can proudly doing can be done by thousands In much better than what you could. 

Oh well… Competition is good but heartless treatment is hardly bearable. It is mind blowing to observe how people live here. It may be more obvious because people,s live is so concentrated here. 

i have been alerted on a live itself and feared of sustaining for my future. I wanted to give up. Sense of failure and unknown is quiet difficult to face. What is the life ahead of me? Everyday I am disappointed by who I am. 


Gilles Deleuze, “Postscript on the Societies of Control”